Christmas Bonus

It has been a busy couple of months here at Sleepover Shows.  We’ve gone from a little blog to a full-fledged website and have been able to capture some great performances from bands that we love. It turns out that some of our favorite shows have also provided us with some extra songs.  As we take the next two weeks to go home and spend time with our families, we’d like to seize the opportunity to present those extra songs to you!
First up is a song that we recorded just yesterday with Kelli Scarr. Although her show will not be up until next year, she was kind enough to cover Neil Young’s Journey Through the Past for us in the comfy Rosebud Diner located in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Next up is Linda, a song from our show with Breathe Owl Breathe in the early fall.  We were lucky to capture one of our last outdoor shows this season with them, before the leaves all disappeared.

The last song is The Other Side of OK from Drag the River.  Not only did they give us our catchy theme song, but they threw in this extra song as well.

We’ve had a great time providing you with some of our favorite tunes this year, from some of our favorite musicians.  We have only just begun, and look forward to seeing you in the New Year.  Happy Holidays from the Sleepover Shows!
Hugs and Kisses,Kelly, Rob, and Aviv


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