Sleepover Show #11: Math the Band

So, Blockbuster is bankrupt and us folks here at Sleepover Shows just had to check out the liquidation sale as we waited for a phone call from Math the Band, who were driving up from Rhode Island for their show at The Middle East.  We found some movie steals mixed in with a lot of not so good titles, the phone rang, and we made our purchases.  Crossing the busy intersection, we scanned the faces of all the people at the corner.  Where could they be?  Suddenly, we saw them.  Kevin and Justine stood there beaming with energy and excitement, alongside their trombone player for the day, Hanna.

We think we might be flattering ourselves a bit, as we knew they had a show coming up, but they looked like they couldn’t wait to play for us.  They looked like they’d been spending the last hour driving up to Boston coming up with ideas.  We all shook hands politely, and they gestured to their van.  When they unpacked their instruments, they told us they’d been up late practicing a few acoustic songs for us.  We knew we were in for a treat, as we’d been listening lately to their side project, Hair.

Turns out we were right, we were in for a treat.  The band played for us, and for a whole neighborhood of bystanders near their venue for that evening.  We got acoustic performances of Why Didn’t You Get a Haircut? It’s Elephant City and Tour de Friends all outdoors near Central Square.  At Sleepover Shows, we are just now growing accustomed to shows outside of Aviv’s apartment, so we were startled when a guy opened the backdoor of a hardware store and instead of shouting for all of us to leave demanded to know, “Why’d you stop playing?”  Good question.


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