Sleepover Show #13: OK Go

So, there we were in Guster’s trailer.  Having shown up to the Life is Good Festival with scant details on just how we were going to film OK Go: all we knew was it would happen.  After looking at various spots and finding no respite from either the wind or the other performances going on, one of the fest’s attendants suggested we commandeer the trailer of the Massachusetts natives.  And so we did.  They were not supposed to be there for at least an hour, so we were all set.

We climbed into the wood-paneled gem, complete with mod-plastic space chairs, as did Tim, Andy and their tour manager.  Quest number two was finding some quick, adequate percussion.  A bag of candy intended for Guster didn’t sound right.  Tim tried a coffee mug filled with sugar.  And then, Andy wished aloud that they had some pills.  It just so happened that my generic ibuprofen might do the trick.  I handed it over and we were ready to go–aspirin maraca in tow.

Damian climbed in, tuned his guitar, and we were off.  Performing Last Leaf solo, his melancholy but hopeful song filled the trailer.  Tim and Andy looked on, nodding their heads to the strumming of the guitar.  We believe this is the first version of the song you’ll see online, that is until we get an official one-take synchronized version from the band.

Speaking of synchronized insanity, our favorite video of theirs from the last album has to be the marching band version of This Too Shall Pass.  Well, we don’t do cranes and steadicams, but we sure do enjoy this acoustic version.  We had to, for, as we were starting to shoot, Andy looked out the window and said, “Guster is here and they look pissed.”  It was time to plow through the song and make our escape.

Don’t worry, Guster wasn’t angry, and a battle royale did not ensue–much as that would be interesting to capture on video.  But we did need to vacate.  Under a lighted tent we were treated to our last song of the day and our first cover for the site.  Oddly enough, the fellas were toying with Break My Stride, just as Emperor X had, but I think that might have been more our suggestion than theirs. Damian mentioned that Break My Stride held a special meaning for him and his sister. Apparently, at a young age, Kulash thought the song would make a good soft drink theme: Ain’t no one’s gonna drink my Sprite/ Nobody’s gonna glug it down. Oh no! Instead, we were treated to a stripped down version of the Pixies’ Wave of Mutilation, a great way to end our time with the band. We had a great time filming, and we hope you enjoy!

A special note of thanks to Charlie Anderson for doing our sound for this show, and to the Life is Good folks.  They allowed us to come in and tape OK Go outside the confines of their festival, which helped raise over half a million dollars for charity!  To donate to their cause, please visit their  website.

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