Sleepover Show #14: Harry and the Potters

Paul and Joe of Harry and the Potters wanted to make pancakes for their fans, and who were we to deny them?  So, on a Saturday afternoon, as some of their wizarding cohorts started to trickle in, we prepped our kitchen, moved the furniture around, and waited for the crowd.
The band showed up with more props than we’ve ever seen for a Sleepover Show.  Stripped down the set may have been, but lacking in energy, masks, and a giant stuffed blue snake it was not.  Paul handed out a Santa costume, a chicken head, and an odd-looking foam squid.  Joe readied the batter, turned on the grill and started firing up the pancakes.
And with that, we got our first song written exclusively for us.  Who knows if  Pancakes Leviosa will become part of their regular lineup, but for their gathered fans, and us, it was certainly fun enough. Though Joe had a tendency to throw piping hot pancakes toward any willing (and some unwilling) recipients, all was well.
Then it was time for a song about Ginny Weasley, and freeing her from the clutches of the unappreciative Dean Thomas.
Finally, it was time for the snake to make its appearance.  With the fans singing along, the basilisk hovered over the crowd, making its way across the kitchen, over the band and past the cameras to another set of fans on the other side.  It quickly became clear that Ginny needs a lot of saving.  Well, at least we got a good song out of her distress.
After our songs, the boys stuck around and treated their fans to a whole show of their own before packing it in.  We hope their tunes will tide you over before the next movie comes out in a few weeks, and we’re sure, Ginny Weasley will need more saving.


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