Sleepover Show #15: The Mynabirds

Perhaps it is because we’ve spent the better part of the day listening to their version of Lemon Tree repeatedly while editing the video together, but it seems to us that Laura Burhenn’s new band, The Mynabirds, has a haunting quality that does not easily fade away.  We were thrilled that they agreed to come along for a Sleepover Show a few weeks back, and when they played it was no disappointment.

The show marked another first for us: a nearly complete electric session.  Though we must say it was certainly different than we’ve grown accustomed to, the laid back manner of the songs and the band itself fit right in with what we’ve been trying to do.  It also doesn’t hurt that the songs performed were culled from the impressive debut of the band, What We Lose in the Fire We Gain in the Flood.

First, we were treated to Let the Record Go, which is a mournful song in its own right, but not exactly like Lemon Tree.  Here, the upbeat tempo masks the sadness of the situation: “Let the record show you gave it all your might.  And let the record show, I gave it all of mine.”  Laura sings of a relationship lost and found and lost again, a seemingly endless circle of pain all chalked up to the record of an entanglement.  Its cyclical rhythm fits the words nicely.

Then, LA Rain: another song about the passing of time and a broken heart.  Earthquakes.  Heart attacks.  Cracked walls.  These are images of scars that may or may not heal.  There is hope in these lyrics, the passing rain’s only a brief downpour, but we can’t help but feel that the pain is not so easily forgotten.  The version we captured, we hope, does it some justice.

Finally, The Mynabirds performed their reimagining of the aforementioned Lemon Tree.  But this was no Peter Paul and Mary version, or Bob Marley for that matter.  It was a beautiful, bittersweet lesson to hear, especially since it marked our own parting of ways with the band.  We hope it is as haunting for you as it has been for us.


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