Sleepover Show #16: Breathe Owl Breathe

To all of you folks that did not make it to the Club Passim, Breathe Owl Breathe show: you should have been there.  Club Passim had root beer floats, and lots of other tasty fare.  It was cozy and had character.  But the club was in need of a few extra people to join in when the band asked for audience participation, which was often.  We at Sleepover Shows were more than happy to oblige that night, as earlier in the day we had cameras in our hands, and that made turning our arms into a “giraffe stretching out his long neck” impossible.

Micah Middaugh, Andréa Moreno-Beals, and Trevor Hobbs unloaded their equipment in a restaurant parking lot nearby (after Micah did the proper thing and asked if it was okay for the van to be there for a bit).  We all headed back to the apartment to film the first song or two.  It was pretty windy out, and we feared that it wouldn’t work to do a song outdoors.  After searching a bit in the apartment, a hulusi was chosen from a group of extra instruments.  A hulusi is a Chinese instrument made out of a gourd (none of us knew that either), and Trevor quickly learned how to play it for their first song Portraits Upon Pianos.  We never thought a mystery instrument, carved out of a vegetable, could sound that great.

From the hallway in the apartment, Parrots In The Tropical Trees was the next song up, and Andréa hit every high note perfectly.  After it ended, Breathe Owl Breathe collectively decided it was time to see if we could all pull off an outdoor song or two.  There was an abandoned lot nearby, leaves rustling, brush growing knee-high, that was just shielded enough from the wind.  Here, the band perched on a tar-covered rooftop and performed Linda.  After they finished, we were surprised by two onlookers (who we initially thought were going to tell us to leave).  They recognized the band and were just there to listen.  Little did they know they would become an important leaf-scattering feature when Breathe Owl Breathe graced us with an extra song, Sylvia Plath.  We decided we had to use Sylvia Plath and we’d save Linda for a special occasion. It’ll pop up when you least expect it.

Scanning the faces of the audience at Club Passim, we were pleasantly surprised at the sight of those very same onlookers.  Breathe Owl Breathe was putting on a truly fun show, and the audience was self-conscious at times, hesitating to put up their hands like teeth for Sabertooth Tiger, but not the leaf-scatterers, and not us either.


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