Sleepover Show #17: Blue Giant

A lot can go wrong here at Sleepover Shows. Sometimes on the day of a shoot a singer will come down with a cold, a van might break down, the weather could severely limit our shooting locations, or everyone could realize that they just plain don’t have time. Of course, we understand when bands have to cancel last minute, and we’re always eager to film them next time they’re in town. But these setbacks did not deter Kevin Robinson of Blue Giant.

Time was ticking away as we finally came face to face with the Portland-based Americana band. Singer Kevin Robinson (also of Viva Voce) smiled wearily, “Were going to rock for your blog.” He wasn’t lying.

There were a couple of members of the band, including Anita Robinson, (ALSO also of Viva Voce) who were severely under the weather, and they had sound check looming. We would have understood if all we could do was wish them luck and go back home; however, Kevin, with a wave of his hand, said “Let’s just do it!” and led us through the club into the Middle East restaurant. Before we had a chance to say or do anything, Kevin had already sectioned off an area of the restaurant for the shoot and asked the management to shut off the house music. My only thought was: We should hire this guy.

What followed was by far the quickest and most toe-tappin’ Sleepover Show ever digitized. Kevin could not help but smile and wink as restaurant patrons walked by trying not to get in our way or make any noise. He was loving this. First Kevin graced us with Target Heart, a single from Blue Giant’s self-titled debut record.

Next was The Void Above The Sky, a plaintive tune, eerie and evocative of the outlaw songs of the 50’s and 60’s. It would fit right in next to Johnny Cash, Stan Jones and Hank Williams (Hank Williams III, too).

Last was Long Gone. A true exclusive, Kevin confessed he’d written this song on the tour bus only two days prior. Short, sweet and honest, we can see this song being a favorite for Blue Giant fans everywhere.

Our exclusive, Long Gone, appears first below.


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