Sleepover Show #19: Drag the River

It was one of this season’s first cold fall nights.  It was dark, and by the time we showed up for a Sleepover Show with Jon Snodgrass and Chad Price, they were getting ready for their show at Great Scott.  We arrived with all our equipment, plus a very friendly Boston Globe writer who was there to watch the proceedings.  Little did we know, we would soon become very willing fodder for a Sleepover Shows theme song courtesy of Drag the River.  The Colorado band was more than accommodating, they were warm and welcoming, and ended up playing four songs for us… five if you count the theme song that was made up on the spot.  It’s fair to say that the impromptu theme was one of the most fun ways to start a Sleepover Show ever.  The song has been stuck in our heads for weeks now.

The first song posted is called Here’s to the Losers.  While Chad and Jon sing, it seems that the city surroundings are all the more highlighted.  You hear the passerby, cars, keys jingling, but none of them distract from the ballad’s haunting quality.  At one point, Jon follows a lyric: “crush out a cigarette” rings true before he niftily drops it in his shirt pocket.

Jon and Chad’s banter still remains at the beginning and end of some of the videos posted here.  Chad jokes at the end of the song Buddies that it should be called “That Thing You Do” to which Jon replies, “That Thing You Do.  It’s named after a movie, we just wrote it like twenty years later.”

The final song (you’ll have to be patient until Christmas for the fourth song to be released) is History with History, an upbeat tune that finishes out this week’s Sleepover Show set perfectly.  It was a pleasure to film Drag the River and we will be humming their improvised theme song, when we least expect it, for years to come.

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