Sleepover Show #20: Emily Hope Price

Emily Hope Price is one third of the awesomeness factory that is Pearl and the Beard. They provided us with one of our favorite and most personal performances we’ve ever recorded. Naturally, we were thrilled to find out that cellist/songbird Emily Hope Price was returning to Boston and wanted to sing more songs for us. Mere weeks after playing the last show on Thorndike Street, Emily ventured to our new quasi-studio and, with the help of a friendly neighbor and an extremely flimsy ladder, we trudged up to the roof, hoisting Emilys cello with us.
Standing before the skyscrapers of Boston’s financial district, Emily sang us an eerie, doo-wopy cello tune, The Black Hole of Calcutta. Her voice fluctuated between a breathy, evasive whisper and an outright, pitch-perfect wale.

Next, Emily sat on the edge of the building. Her pink dress billowed in the wind, flirting with the street below. She sang Headache for a Heartache, number 39 in Emily’s 365 Project. The song, while cryptic, is extremely personal as evidenced by the expression on her face — at times pensive, at times sad.

Last (which we actually shot first), Emily performed Gloria in front of the refrigerator, a new staple of Sleepover Shows. Gloria is a sweet and beautiful piece of music reminiscent of the comfort of love and the feeling of home.

Each song showed us vulnerability, strength and honesty. She played each one perfectly as if no one was watching. Strangely, after each song, there was a moment where she was lost in thought. A second later, she snapped back to reality and gave us a sweet smile, continuing a conversation we began before she started singing. Nothing could have been more apropos for our new space, and we were very grateful to have Emily help warm our new home with her music.

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