Sleepover Show #21: Annie Lynch

We were worried.  The morning of our shoot with Annie Lynch, she called, her voice a little scratchy, to let us know she was not feeling well and wanted to save her voice for her concert that night.  After listening to Annie and the Beekeepers and The Squid Hell Sessions on repeat for a few weeks, we were a little bummed.  We told her not to worry, that we’d meet up when she was back in town.  But a few hours later she called and said she was feeling much better, and wanted us to meet her at the Lizard Lounge anyway.  And so we packed up our gear and drove through the pouring rain to grab some tunes.

Annie showed up with a different crew than the Beekeepers, but they rocked out in their own right.  Skye Steele joined her on fiddle, Garth Stevenson hauled his stand-up bass up the stairs, and Chris Capaldi picked the banjo on Dirty Laundry.  Together they joined Annie on the back stairwell for her set.

First up was a request.  Weve listened to Like a Dog so many times over the past few weeks it was hard not to knowingly sway with the beat of the song while holding the camera.  Annie admitted it was one of her favorite songs to play live and we could tell why.  Combining her road-weary lyrics with the mournful instrumentals, it is one of our favorite songs from her album.

Then, a song with a little more uplift, even if the airing of Dirty Laundry is never without its sadness.  For this song, Chris Capaldi joined in, and his facial expressions throughout show just how much fun these four had together.

And finally, a Sleepover Shows exclusive.  You wont find a recording of Wrong Darlin anywhere, because it has yet to be committed to audio or visual form.  As with the other songs, Annie’s beautiful voice echoed down the stairwell and has been on our minds ever since.  We hope you enjoy her music as much as we do.


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