Sleepover Show #22: Pray for Polanski

Full disclosure: one of the members of Boston local Pray for Polanski is a member of the Sleepover Shows team.  Despite this bit of nepotism, we also realize that there are four other members of the band who are not Aviv, and so we set out to film them a few weeks back.  We met the band at their practice space in Chinatown, up a narrow flight of stairs to the second floor, where we were greeted not only by some of the staff members of the practice space, but also, co-lead singer Anne Warnock’s mother, Kresha, who hung out for the set, and even joined in toward the end.  The studio space was laid back, equipment spread all around.  Microphone stands, amps, tools, and various other paraphernalia were scattered.  And at the center, spread out over a few couches and chairs, were the band.
After we set up our gear, we got our first song, 9191991.  Anne did not shy away from belting out the numerical tune.

The second song, Silver Pewter Chain, took a little longer to film.  A guitar string broke, there were some false starts.  But, just as we started to think that the universe was against this song, Pray for Polanski locked it down.

Finally, the band all gathered ’round for a little circle sing-along. In Christopher the Saint, each of the band members took turns with the verses, with a bunch of guest singers playing along too.  The cozy group of a dozen or so honorary members joined together to send off the show.

As it was a busy day for us (this would only be the first of three shows we filmed that Sunday), we said our goodbyes and bid each other adieu.  The band drove and biked off as we made our way to our next gig.  And now, we present it to you.

Special thanks to Matt and Rick from Unregular Radio for helping us out with the sound on this particular shoot.

One Response to “Sleepover Show #22: Pray for Polanski”
  1. Shoshana says:

    Congratulations Sleepovershows!

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