Sleepover Show #5: Vikesh Kapoor

We’ve been trying to get Boston troubadour Vikesh Kapoor into the living room since October. It’s been difficult, however, for Kapoor is the hardest working folk artist this side of the Mississip’. Vikesh’’s musical stylings have been in high demand in the Boston area, as well as New Hampshire, New York, Connecticut and Maine.

Even though he’s been to the sleepover shows house several times to play music, attend shows and occasionally borrow equipment, we were only able to catch up with the ever-busy Kapoor at the Sidewalk Café on New York’s Lower East Side. A perfect coincidence brought us to New York with a single camera on Vikesh’s last night of his midwestern and northeastern tour.

This opportunity was too great for us not to commemorate it. Having only one camera, and being apartment-less for this event, we decided invent a new type of Sleepover Show, the One Shot. We picked a song. Vikesh had one chance at it, and so did we.

The rail thin singer-songwriter closed the out evening at the Side Walk, supported by Brooklyn band (and Sleepover Show hopeful) Spirit Family Reunion. He sat down with us at the Sidewalk’s bar after his performance. “I was on tour by myself,” said Kapoor, the clock rapidly approaching 2AM. “I was alone in my car for three weeks, and I haven’t slept in three days.”

Kapoor was touring in support of his new 7-inch record featuring Newspress Scare, Oh Siv (video below), and a cover of the old standard, Mac the Knife. “The reception has been pretty great,” Kapoor said, smiling through his fatigue. “I’m really glad that people are responding so well to the new record.”
Newspress Scare is available here and comes with a digital download.


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