Sleepover Show #6: Saintseneca

Saintseneca appears at first to be quiet and unassuming, as do their songs. They look like the kind of people you would like to be friends with. Like you could have sat next to them in English class and that they’d all understand the poetry section really well. You can bet they all did really well in the poetry section because their lyrics and melodies have hints of the best sort of poetry there is: songs about love, murdering out west, and the lost colony of Roanoke. On second thought, they probably did well in history class too.

Sleepover Shows had the opportunity to film the four person, Columbus, Ohio-based band before their show later that very same evening. They put up with us for three whole songs: an old favorite and two off of their new EP Grey Flag. The first song was played in a closet, complete with old paint cans. They are very good sports.

The three songs showcase Zac Little, Grace Chang, Luke Smith, and Steve Jacob’s band togetherness. They did not seem at all uneasy. Perhaps that comes from being on tour. Their music is catchy and energetic, and will stay with you for days after you hear it. Trust us.

This was night two of Saintseneca’s three nights in Boston, and it also marks a first for us. We hosted both the Sleepover Show and also the show itself (you know, the one with the audience). That night, Saintsenica excitedly sat front row supporting the other bands that played before and after. They never hesitate to compliment others and so it is only fair to compliment them for being such stand-up members of the musical community. It’s not surprising that during their three nights here, their supporting acts knew all of their songs word for word. They certainly left a mark on us.

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