Sleepover Show #7: A Bit Much

We were surprised to see local boys A Bit Much show up with a full drum kit. It’s something that we at Sleepover Shows are not used to. We work with the band to come up with fun ways to explore the space and their own songs. We go acoustic. We have a good time exploring. The bands use boxes and doors and garbage cans for percussion sometimes. A Bit Much’s aesthetic is precision and had even practiced their stripped down set in preparation for the sleepover. Admittedly, this caught us by surprise.

While drummer Jon set up his kit, Degan was all smiles, Matt took out a sweet custom bass, and Tim took to our organ with glee. Tim even rocked out an old keyboard for the second song. It ceremoniously lost battery power after the last take.

We prepped our set ups and got ready to shoot. Moments before we began to roll, Jon took off his shirt flashing some major abs. It was not hot in the room, but perhaps his shirt was constricting. This is not the weirdest wardrobe move in Sleepover Shows history, so we went with it.

A Bit Much nailed two songs with a larger arrangement than we have ever encountered. But, needed time to prep for that nights show, the band left the living room, forgoing a third number.

By the People and Minimum Rhythm, Maximum Blues showcase their talents nicely. Their songs are lively and fun—going from quiet moments to all out rocking jams. We let the music speak for itself. For us it was a lesson in communication and rolling with whatever the band gives us, which in this rare case was MORE. Sleepover Show 7 is proof that even with tension and confusion in a room, good music can break it.


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