Sleepover Show #8: Lady Lamb the Beekeeper

I can tell you about the flood in my dreams until we both fall asleep. The last line of Lady Lamb the Beekeeper’s, Mexico, ME, —a song she played for us right after we crowded into her car to hide from the rain, is a good summation of her songs. A combination of the sweet and the sadness of life, pairing well with her voice, which slides from low hums and scratchy half-yells to quiet croons, she has the ability to encapsulate the musings of a well-worn traveler. All this from a young woman of only twenty years old.

To say that our latest guest “got it” would put it perfectly. Completely into what we were up to from the very first email exchange we had, she showed up a few hours before her show at TT the Bears ready to play some songs she hadn’t played in a while, and to have some fun. And it was to our surprise that she even played a new song for us—the then untitled, Regarding Ascending the Stairs.

First, before the rain began to fall, we set up in the park. There, we were treated to the new tune while a little boy watched on from a distance. After the first take, he made his way over to us and began to clap, asking for another take, to which Lady Lamb obliged. This is the joy of her music, it is affecting in the best ways while also engaging with plain old infectious musicianship. It has been three weeks since the shoot, and I’ve been humming Mexico, ME since then.

Then the car shoot, and finally, back upstairs where I made my debut in front of the camera, sketching her as she sings her final song for us —Almond Colored Sheets—, which was the song that first brought her to our attention. We hope that she’ll be brought to many other attentive audiences soon, as this local singer has all the makings of a breakout success.

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