Sleepover Show #9: Howlies

Howlies is a big reason Sleepover Shows was started, so it’s fitting that they are the first band to test out our new website. Howlies first caught my eye in December of 2008, on their tour with the now defunct The King Left. The band played TT The Bears in Central Square. That night, I asked Corey Oliver from The King Left about their support band, Atlanta’s Howlies.

“If I could be in any band,” he said, drink in hand, “it would be Howlies.” It only took one song for me to see what Oliver was talking about. Howlies are a surf-rock quartet with a singing drummer, vintage instruments to match their sound and enough energy to get FDR’s toe tapping. (Take THAT former President Roosevelt.)
Over a year and a half later, Aaron Wood, Brandon Morrison, Justin Brooke and Matt Forsee returned to TT’s on tour with Dexateens from Tuscaloosa, AL promoting their new virtual 7-inch, simply titled 45.

At around 2:00 AM, Howlies pull up to the Sleepover Shows house, apologizing for their tardiness. Apparently they encountered some interesting stowaways in their van who really wanted to hear some 90’s music. The late hour, combined with sleeping roommates and the lack of a crew meant we’d have to wait til the morning shoot their Sleepover Show.

Over some pizza, beer and Jurassic Park, we discovered that both Howlies and I were planning on being in Brooklyn two days in the future. Problem solved! They graciously offered a ride to New York, the opportunity for adventure and our second New York Sleepover Show shoot.

The next morning we piled into the Howlies van and headed to the Big Apple, the ride down’s music was a mixture of David Bowie, The Kinks, and Weird Al Yankovic. After getting caught in some traffic heading to the Met’s game, Howlies dropped me off in the middle of Astoria, Queens. I promised them I knew how to get to where I was staying that night, and would have no trouble meeting them the next day in Brooklyn. I lied. I had no idea where I was.

Will I make it back in time to shoot the Sleepover Show, or will I be lost in Queens forever?

Hint: Check out the video below and decide whether I made it.

Now where was I?

Oh yes. Lost as hell in Astoria, Queens. As I paced down into the nearest subway station, which was about 3/4th of a mile away, I saw that the DOWNTOWN section of the station was taped off. Recently, New York decided to change the route of one of the trains, and Yours Truly got caught in the crosshairs. After having to travel even further away from my destination, to the end of the F line which presumably is somewhere in Rhode Island, I finally got on the right train and made it to Brooklyn.

The next day, I reunited with the boys from Georgia at Union Hall in Park Slope. Finally, I will shoot this Sleepover Show.

Yeah, right.

Howlies once again played amazingly and won the hearts and minds of the strangers that wandered down the Union Hall staircase. Dexateens, too, brought the house down on their last night of tour.

After the show, through a cloud of cigarette smoke, Howlies and Dexateens bid each other goodbye. They hugged, laughed and asked me to take this picture.

Little League Style

Little League Style

This was Day Three of “Trippin’ with Howlies,” and I had yet to shoot any video. I still won’t. I hitched a ride back to Williamsburg with Howlies, but spent most of the trip talking about the new Sleepover Shows website (nice right?) and a film the whole band is slated to appear in called “Get Hitched or Die Trying.”

The next day, I finally got the text message you’ve all be waiting for. “Meet at the van.” I reconvened with the band for the fourth time in as many days as they tuned their guitars outside of their giant white van.
“We’re going to play while driving around Brooklyn.” Aaron says nonchalantly.


I was certainly not prepared for this, but who am I to turn down a challenge. Thus our first mobile Sleepover Show was born. Aaron, the singing drummer was our driver, taking turns as lightly as possible while, singing and playing the tambourine. Meanwhile, Justin, Brandon and Matt crammed shoulder to shoulder across one bench seat, guitar-playing Pips to Aaron’s Gladys Knight.

Along with the entirety of their virtual 7-inch, which is posted here. The Georgians played Zombie Girl, a brand new song, and a Sleepover Shows Exclusive.



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