Sleepover Show #X: Emperor X

“Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride/Nobody’s gonna slow me down. Oh no, I’ve got to keep on moving.” These were the words that came wafting out of the apartment as I showed up to tape Emperor X. Aviv rushed over and said, Chad wants to cover, Matthew Wilder’s Break My Stride. Unfortunately, in our limited time, that never came to pass, although it was interesting to watch him try for a few minutes. After a few attempts to get the lyrics and music down, he moved on.

Of course I could be cheesy and say that it perfectly illustrates how Chad seemed to operate, “I’ve got to keep on movin’.” It seemed more about control, in a good way. Clearly interested in putting on a well-crafted show, Chad practiced each beat with his drummer Johnny Kovacs before we recorded. Though head nods, and rhythm and chord changes are some of the best parts of witnessing a band live, to see their dynamic in action, somehow they seemed more dramatic this time around. Chad was in control of his music, and we hopefully captured some of that magic here.

For a while after the set, we sat around and talked about, what else, TIE Fighters. A master of not only the design of multiple Sci-Fi ships, but also their sounds. Comparison videos below. Chad treated us to multiple renditions of his art on our wonderful chalkboard.

Sorry, we couldn’t find the phaser sound.

That night, like other Sleepover Shows alumni, Chad put on a real show in the living room. In the middle of his set, a smile swept across his face. He looked over the crowd and began playing, softly at first: “Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride… Nobody’s gonna slow me down. Oh no!” He had taken the time between dinner and the show to learn the song and the audience went nuts.

After everyone departed, Chad and Kovacs sat around with Aviv and his roommates discussing past loves, terrible breakups and Langoliers, the stuff that makes Emperor X’s music so great.

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