Sleepover Show #23: Marco Benevento

Welcome back to Sleepover Shows!  After taking the holidays off, we’re back with plenty of great music for you, and some surprises over the next few weeks.

But for now, we are happy to bring you Marco Benevento, an incredible jazz pianist out of Brooklyn.  We travelled all the way out to MASS MoCA where Marco was performing his original score for Vincent Price’s version of Edgar Allan Poe’s, Fall of the House of Usher.  The trio set up and practiced a bit, Vincent Price’s face looming over them in the background.  It was a very trippy sight, and we urge you to seek out any performance you can.  After watching his trio get through the sound check, we got the chance to record a couple of solo songs with him.  Setting up on the darkened stage, an empty auditorium stretched out behind us, we had only Marco and his Wurlitzer.
The Wurlitzer was a thing of beauty.  Covered with wires, pedals, and shifting lights, it was too good to alter anything.  We decided to keep the shots lit only by the glow of this incredible instrument.  As he played, his hands shuffled back methodically between the pedals that covered the electric piano and the keys, the shifting neon lights the only illumination on his face.  It really was amazing to watch.  Dark, true, but we like it all the same.
Although we usually write something about the lyrics here, this being our first instrumental post, we’ll have to just let you watch and be blown away by Marco’s playing.  Watch as he falls right into his songs, disappearing for a few minutes until those last notes reverberate off of the Wurlitzer.  Though we usually record three songs, we only could get two in before the band had to disappear and the audience was let into the auditorium.  First up, Atari, from his solo debut album,Invisible Baby.    And then, Two of You, a track off his latest release, Between the Needles and Nightfall.
We hope you enjoy the show as much as we did.
Special thanks to the good folks at MASS MoCA.
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