Sleepover Show #24: David Wax Museum

First of all, welcome to our new Sleepover Shows site! Same address, as you may have already figured out, but a whole different look. Don’t let the appearance fool you: all of our shows are still here and accessible- we only look like we’ve pared down a bit. We could not think of a better way to launch the new look than to feature the incredibly talented David Wax Museum.

David Wax and Suz Slezak fit right into our house the moment that Suz chose a Willie Nelson record cover to be in the background for the performance of their first song. Sitting at the table, they sang across the span of a few feet, exchanging glances all the while. Suz’s ready laugh (she seems almost always to be laughing, even when she is singing) and David’s earnest gaze made for a memorable Sleepover Show. David strums a guitar as Suz sketches and sings along with him for When You Are Still, a song from their album Carpenter Bird.

Vivian, Won’t You Take Me In? is the second song up. An unreleased tune, It is a rousing performance with guitar by David, violin by Suz, and a few foot-stomps for emphasis by the pair. For this song, they were constantly moving. For every stomp they seemed to drop out of frame, and the challenge of following them with cameras was something we had a great time doing.

A song from the upcoming album Everything Is Saved (set for release on February 8th) closes out our Sleepover Show for this week. It is titled The Least I Can Do and its lyrics cannot help but make a person reminisce. Filmed in the dim hallway of the house, David stretched out his legs and cradled his guitar, while Suz curled her legs beneath her and raised her violin to play the haunting tune. The harmonica, played by David, makes the song seem all the more lonesome.

We hope these three videos show you just why we had been courting David Wax Museum for such a long time. If you don’t have any of their albums, do yourself a favor and go get at least one. But better yet, go to their album release show on February 3rd at Oberon in Cambridge, MA and get all three (or just visit their website!) and make sure that you keep coming back as we reveal new features on the site in the coming weeks!

5 Responses to “Sleepover Show #24: David Wax Museum”
  1. Paul A Bouchard says:

    Thanks for posting such a wonderful look at David and Suz. Having the opportunity to get the new CD before the release has given me many hours of listening as does the previous CD Carpenter Bird.
    The first time I saw them perform was at the Somerville Armory back in the fall of 09. Meeting David after the performance and purchasing the new Carpenter Bird was an epiphany for me.

  2. Marissa says:

    Absolutely love these! Thanks for being so down to earth at the same time as making such wonderful music.

    It’s easy to play an instrument, but you both transform your instruments.

    Can’t wait to see your launch show at Oberon soon!

  3. Tanya says:

    This beautifully shot video made me fall in love with this band. I hope I get the chance to see them in Boston soon (provided the show doesn’t sell out instantly).

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