Sleepover Show #25: Pomegranates

What can we say–we love it when a band sounds completely different when they go acoustic.  This week’s band, Pomegranates, have been getting some much-deserved buzz over the last year.  But these Cincinnati rockers sound completely different here, and it was a blast to film.  Heading down the street from Great Scott in Allston, we took over a Goodwill for about an hour.  They turned down the muzak for us, and the band donned whatever assorted hats, shirts, and Halloween costumes they could find, mixing it up for each song.  The shoppers didn’t care.  Sometimes they’d stop to take a listen, and sometimes they’d just keep on shopping.  For our part, it was nice to just capture the guys moving amongst the racks of clothes, doing their thing.

The first two songs are from their latest release, One of Us.  First up, Skull Cakin’, played against the backdrop of a rainbow of polos.

For their next song, the fellas crowded into a narrow aisle lined with pants.  Nestled between a row of what looked a bit like fabric albums dangling from hooks, they played White Fawn.

At this point, we moved to the front of the store, where many costumes were found in disarray.  After trying on several outfits, including a much-too-small Spiderman costume, they settled on funny hats and shirts.  While we were setting up, an adorable little girl came up and stared at the band inquisitively.  She strummed a few strings, giggled, ran away, and came back again.  Finally she just stood and watched, and the guys settled in to play.  Joined by their friend and co-writer for the song, Caleb Groh on banjo,  the Pomegranates closed out our time with them.

2 Responses to “Sleepover Show #25: Pomegranates”
  1. Matt says:

    Actually, the album is called “One of Us.” Neat videos though.

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