Sleepover Show #27: Alexa Woodward

We always wanted to film something in the basement, and as the weather got a little colder, and the bands started shying away from outdoor shoots, we finally ventured down the stairs with Alexa Woodward into the cement darkness.

After Aviv dismantled a pesky beeping smoke detector (don’t worry, we put it back) and turned off a noisy dryer filled with clothes (don’t worry, we put more coins in) we set up shop next to the cold stone wall and chicken wire storage unit.

Alexa, who is on the road now supporting her new release, It’s a Good Life, Honey, If you Don’t Grow Weary, gave us a review of some of the new material.  She laughed all the while, making for a great environment even though it was at times difficult not to be reminded that we were all surrounded by cobwebs, bike parts, and random basement noises.  Be sure to catch her show this week at Club Passim in Cambridge.

First up, Darkest Days, a haunting and harmonious tune.

Next, Wolves, a song that Alexa belts out effortlessly.

Then, Alexa performed her last song for us, Elephant, solo.

Finally, Annie Crane, who was on tour with Alexa when she visited, gave us a song of her own.  We close this show’s set with Jump with a Child’s Heart.


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