Sleepover Show #28: New Collisions

Here at Sleepover Shows we love getting new, unique versions of a band’s songs. Call us greedy, but we like to have the only version of something awesome. Boston quintet, New Collisions did just that. As they traipsed into the apartment and aligned themselves into a horseshoe shape in the kitchen, we were expecting the boisterous and defiant power pop that earned them the title of Best Band in Boston from Improper Bostonian. Instead, we were treated to stripped-down, much more playful versions of New Collision songs.

Singer Sarah Guild and her Guitarist husband, Scott played their normal instruments, while bassist Alex Stern jumped on electric guitar. Casey Gruttadauria filled the keyboard parts in with (my personal favorite instrument) the melodica, and Drummer Zak Kahn was tasked with providing the percussion for all the songs with a single tambourine, and boy did he rise to the occasion!

First up was Dying Alone, the new single off of the record The Optimist. Even without screaming guitars and driving drums, Sarah still belted out the song’s infectious hook.

Next was a new version of the anthemic, Ones to Wander. This performance of the usually in-your-face song is quite a bit slower and with a slight swing. We were delighted at this fresh take on the song.

Last was Lazy, a jangly pseudo-ballad about that old familiar feeling of not wanting to get out of bed. I can’t help but think of this song every morning as I trudge to work with the rest of the nine-to-fivers.

P.S. New Collisions just might have given us an awesome extra song, which we will release as a bonus video in the near future.


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