Sleepover Show #29: Tim Kasher

The first time I heard Tim Kasher’s voice, I was 16 years old. My friend Alex made me a mix CD, and on it was the Cursive song, After the Movies. As the young Tim Kasher screamed the song’s climax through my headphones, I experienced a degree of honesty and purity in the music that my ears had never before heard. There are few musicians in this world as truthful and forthcoming as Tim Kasher. With bands like Cursive and The Good Life, Kasher released twelve albums. Even concept albums like The Ugly Organ and Happy Hollow feel very textured, personal and intimate.

We got the opportunity to film Kasher while he was touring in support of his first solo record The Game of Monogamy. Kasher, with a humble, genuine smile welcomed us into an empty dressing room after his set at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston.

Right before we started shooting, Tim received a picture message on his phone. He grins, “It’s my grandmother’s 90th birthday. I couldn’t be there, so one of my friends took her out.” He shows us the picture on his cell phone: A long-haired thirty-something sitting next Granny Kasher, both beaming. It was going to be that kind of night.

What followed was as personal a set as we’ve ever captured. Kasher’s songs from The Game of Monogamy, No Fireworks and Bad, Bad Dreams, have the same dissonance, passion and metaphor that defines both Cursive and The Good Life’s sound. Before we set up for the third song, I’m Afraid I’m Gonna Die Here, the Nebraska native ran his fingers through his hair. He lamented the length of his locks, and asked if we wanted to cut them on camera during the third song.

Um, yes.

As you can see from the video below, Kasher was the best of sports. He sat perfectly still and sang his heart out while our own Kelly Ribera gave him a trim.

In I’m Afraid I’m Gonna Die Here. Tim writes his own obituary. “Timothy was a sensible citizen. He cast aside his starving eyes for his very own slice of American pie, a sensible decision.” It’s unclear whether these songs are autobiographical or if Kasher is just an extremely talented and convincing storyteller. What is clear is the indie rock royal is just as honest today as he was in that first mix CD.

2 Responses to “Sleepover Show #29: Tim Kasher”
  1. Tim Reynolds says:

    awesome session! thanks for posting. long live TK!

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  1. […] Event gibt es darüber hinaus nun eine kleine Session aus drei Songs, die Tim Kasher für die Sleepover Shows (toller Name) in seiner Garderobe nach dem Konert in Boston […]

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