Sleepover Show #31 Jesca Hoop

Jesca Hoop arrived for a Sleepover Show after flying across the Atlantic ocean from Manchester, England where she currently resides.  She was here to begin a U.S. tour, not just for a three song set in the spare room of a Somerville apartment.    You may have read that Jesca was introduced to the music industry by Tom Waits, but she has certainly made a mark on her own.When she got to the apartment, she took out her mother of pearl-inlayed guitar and played us three songs from her debut album, Hunting My Dress, the title track is actually the first song up for our show.

Next, Jesca played us the haunting ballad, Murder of Birds, her voice resonated in the quiet room.

Having to continue her hectic schedule for the day, she left to pick up her sister from the airport, and drive off to her show that night.  Before taking off, she finished her set with Whispering Light.  We appreciate Jesca taking the time to stop by and play us some songs.  She’s on the road again, so if you like what you see here, go check her out in concert.



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