Sleepover Show #33: Anna Vogelzang

Anna Vogelzang showed up just as the sun was going down, and the Boston skyline was shimmering and gray.  We quickly decided to try and film something outdoors, with the wind low, and the cold creeping in.  They set up a few doors down from our apartment, under a tree still red with the last hint of fall color.

And for the next hour or so, Anna charmed us with her songs.  It is easy to see how hard she works at her craft, combining a sense of strength and tenderness to create songs of loss and heartbreak, pride and wisdom.  And so we get lines like this, nestled halfway through her song Wishbone, “There’s a secret cedar room, locked between my ribs, that houses all the guilt.   Packed away in cardboard boxes, where two hummingbirds still live.”  These images of hidden secrets, of the hope that may still flicker off a hummingbird’s wings, fits her music quite nicely—the playful strum of the banjo against the mournful strings of the cello.  We hope you enjoy the results.

Recently, Vogelzang announced that she will be self-funding her next album, Canary in a Coal Mine.  A Kickstarter page has emerged, with promises of many gifts in return for some help with the project.  We are happy to say that all three songs we recorded with her just a short while ago will get the EP to LP upgrade.  We hope you head over to her site to help support her!

We present to you, Anna Vogelzang, with three songs from her upcoming release, Die Trying, Wishbone, and finally, Heart Beat Faster.


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