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  1. Dear Kelly, Rob and Aviv,

    I play in the band “Do it to Julia” and we will be coming through Boston next week 2/20-2/21 after playing in NYC. We’re from Asheville, NC and I learned about your project by watching media from Breathe Owl Breathe (one of my favorite bands). I also discovered that Howlies (we played with them a few years ago) had a big part in the building of your project. We try to make our own videos but they always turn out less than grand and we admire the artistic progress of communities like Hometapes, Black Cab and La Blogotheque. I’m interested in your expanded take on making stripped down music videos that include a broader musical taste. After watching what you’ve done here with Sleepover Shows I am moved to send you this message– partly to meet people who are doing something that pushes my inspirational buttons and partly because I’d love for our band to be on your list of shows. We’ll be in Boston next week and in Martha’s Vineyard 03/1-03/14 (the four of us are recording our album in a loaned out house there) so let me know if there’s anyway we can work together or maybe just come to our show in Boston and I’d love to talk about how you started Sleepover Shows. Thanks for your time and here’s the band information:


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