Sleepover Show #28: New Collisions

Here at Sleepover Shows we love getting new, unique versions of a band’s songs. Call us greedy, but we like to have the only version of something awesome. Boston quintet, New Collisions did just that. As they traipsed into the apartment and aligned themselves into a horseshoe shape in the kitchen, we were expecting the … Continue reading

Sleepover Show #27: Alexa Woodward

We always wanted to film something in the basement, and as the weather got a little colder, and the bands started shying away from outdoor shoots, we finally ventured down the stairs with Alexa Woodward into the cement darkness. After Aviv dismantled a pesky beeping smoke detector (don’t worry, we put it back) and turned … Continue reading

Sleepover Show #26: Sarah Jaffe

When we found out that Sarah Jaffe would be coming to town, we immediately asked her to come along for a Sleepover Show.  After first hearing the Texas native’s debut album, Suburban Nature over the summer, we knew she’d be a perfect fit for what we do.  We had the opportunity to spend some time … Continue reading

Sleepover Show #25: Pomegranates

What can we say–we love it when a band sounds completely different when they go acoustic.  This week’s band, Pomegranates, have been getting some much-deserved buzz over the last year.  But these Cincinnati rockers sound completely different here, and it was a blast to film.  Heading down the street from Great Scott in Allston, we … Continue reading

Sleepover Show #24: David Wax Museum

First of all, welcome to our new Sleepover Shows site! Same address, as you may have already figured out, but a whole different look. Don’t let the appearance fool you: all of our shows are still here and accessible- we only look like we’ve pared down a bit. We could not think of a better … Continue reading

Sleepover Show #23: Marco Benevento

Welcome back to Sleepover Shows!  After taking the holidays off, we’re back with plenty of great music for you, and some surprises over the next few weeks. But for now, we are happy to bring you Marco Benevento, an incredible jazz pianist out of Brooklyn.  We travelled all the way out to MASS MoCA where … Continue reading

Christmas Bonus

It has been a busy couple of months here at Sleepover Shows.  We’ve gone from a little blog to a full-fledged website and have been able to capture some great performances from bands that we love. It turns out that some of our favorite shows have also provided us with some extra songs.  As we … Continue reading

Sleepover Show #22: Pray for Polanski

Full disclosure: one of the members of Boston local Pray for Polanski is a member of the Sleepover Shows team.  Despite this bit of nepotism, we also realize that there are four other members of the band who are not Aviv, and so we set out to film them a few weeks back.  We met … Continue reading

Sleepover Show #21: Annie Lynch

We were worried.  The morning of our shoot with Annie Lynch, she called, her voice a little scratchy, to let us know she was not feeling well and wanted to save her voice for her concert that night.  After listening to Annie and the Beekeepers and The Squid Hell Sessions on repeat for a few … Continue reading

Live from Great Scott

Streight Angular – Everything is Syncopated Pray For Polanski – Desperation City *Special Thanks to Steven Grise for shooting some extra footage! Big East – Camel Blues Cat Whisker – A Killing Wonder